Titanium Studios

Titanium Studios is an independent game developer located in Perth, Australia. Specializing in ports, our passion for hardware platforms matches our love for working on games. For us, it doesn't get any better than the challenge of efficiently transforming great products for new devices. We target most modern console, mobile and personal computer platforms.

We also develop apps using game technologies, enabling improved graphics, performance and a playful user experience.

We take great pride in providing high quality work and always go the extra mile to ensure working with us is an enjoyable, no hassle experience. See what our clients have to say.

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Jayeson Lee-Steere

Jayeson Lee-Steere 

Founder and CEO Jayeson Lee-Steere has almost 20 years of game industry related experience.

For the early part of his career he developed game support for Gravis UltraSound sound cards and PowerVR 3D graphics cards. During this time he had many fortunate opportunities to work directly with top tier developers and their games, including id Sofware, Epic Games and Origin Systems.

More recently he spent 8 years with Electronic Arts in Lead Sofware Engineer and Technical Director roles for EA's massively popular American Football titles. This constantly challenging work often involved support for new platforms and working with external vendors.

Perth, Australia

Perth is a large, vibrant city and home to a very active and talented independent game development community. Several universities and colleges provide popular game development courses and many of the local community members have prior experience with major studios in Europe and North America.

We contract with this and the larger Australian talent pool as needed to expand our capabilities.