Client Quotes

"Highly recommended! We have worked with a lot of porting partners in the past, but Titanium Studios stood out in a number of ways: The work was very high quality, delivered very fast, and as a result the actual cost was very reasonable. What more could one ask for? If given the chance we will gladly work with Titanium again, which is a testament to quality of their service."

Rudolf Kremers, Creative & Managing Director, Omni Systems Limited

"Scitech’s Technology Design and Development team recently utilised the services of Titanium Studios to complete software in an interactive exhibition. Their skill, reliability and willingness to work directly with us in-house where necessary was very valuable. Scitech was able to deliver key aspects of its latest show to the general public on time thanks to the quality work provided by Titanium Studios."

Michael Gosney, Multimedia & IT Manager, Scitech

"Working with Titanium was an absolute pleasure. Jayeson and his team were absolutely professional and the project surpassed our expectations. The end result was faster and cheaper and better then we had ever expected."

Mike Arkin, Executive Producer, Crave Entertainment

"Working with Titanium Studios was just a dream. We asked them to achieve things that most would have said impossible, especially regarding the deadline. And they've done it! They've done even more, more than we expected. When possible, they managed to enhance what we asked, finding not enough with the features of the PC game, but doing better on the Dreamcast version. If the Dreamcast version of Stupid Invaders is any good at all, it is definitely because of the great work of Titanium."

Sebastien Hamon, Stupid Invaders Game Producer

"I was very pleased at the opportunity to work with Titanium Studios on Defense Commander. The end product is stellar and to this day remains a show case example of how to develop for Dreamcast."

John Smith, Windows CE Group, Microsoft