Eufloria HD for PSVita

Our second port of indie hit Eufloria HD brings the it to the PlayStation®Vita platform. Sony's handheld is 100% hardcore console - challenging but also very capable. We had not worked on console since the previous year and it was great to be back again. We are very proud of this version of the game, it looks fantastic on the Vita's beautiful display and framerate is twice as smooth as the best mobile platforms.

For more information read this post by Rudolf Kremers, Eufloria's creative director.

Eufloria HD for PSVita is available for purchase through the PlayStation® Store.

Scitech Ingenious Exhibits

We were very pleased when Scitech asked us to develop several apps for their latest exhibition, Ingenious. We developed software for three exhibits from prototype to deployment, working with Scitech's talented design department to create intuitive, engaging experiences and to integrate Scitech's visual designs.

Sound Engineer

Sound engineer blends live instruments with the concept of a software sequencer. A drum kit assembled from pots, pans, bins and other noisy household items forms the audio source for the recording, editing and playback app. The app records multiple tracks, then layers them together during playback. Simple editing functions allow re-recording of select tracks. Both on screen and audible cues guide the user and provide the time signature. A particular technical challenge for an exhibit of this type is to correctly match timing of the various audio sources, requiring a carefully designed software implementation.

Animate Me

Visitors become the full scale models in their own stop motion movie creation. The app guides the capture process with on screen and audible cues. The fast pace of the capture makes for a frantic, fun time.

Computer Modelling

This touch screen app is a physics sandbox where the user can create almost any contraption or scenario to explore. Numerous simple shapes are provided to work with, along with a number of more complex pre-made objects. Objects may be connected together with bearings (pivots) or screws (fixes objects together). A range of materials can be chosen to explore their different properties: mass, friction and restitution (bounciness). Gravity and overall friction can be adjusted. The screenshots show a small sampling of what can be created. It was a challenge to maintain a straightforward user experience for this capable application and we are very satisfied with the results.

We also provided a small amount of consulting and development work for the impressive Waterlandia exhibit.

HD Tactical Camera Video Editor for Call of Duty®: Ghosts

Developed in collaboration with Big Boat Interactive for the Prestige Edition of Call of Duty®: Ghosts, the HD Tactical Camera Video Editor provides powerful, simple to use editing capabilities. Features include video import from the HD Tactical Camera; importing of existing videos, photos and music; timeline based clip trimming and placement; text overlays; fade, wipe and iris transition effects; and, themed filter effects: thermal vision, night vision, ghost effect and old footage.

Big Boat provided production and art direction with Titanium providing the remaining development work. An existing app was used as the foundation which we reskinned, refactored and extended. The bulk of the editing, preview and export engines were rewritten and a shader based effects system was added. The result is a reliable, smooth editor for fast creation of stylized videos.

Versions for PC and Mac are available for download from here on the Call of Duty® web site. The software is fully functional without a HD Tactical Camera.

Eufloria HD BlackBerry

"Highly recommended! We have worked with a lot of porting partners in the past, but Titanium Studios stood out in a number of ways: The work was very high quality, delivered very fast, and as a result the actual cost was very reasonable. What more could one ask for? If given the chance we will gladly work with Titanium again, which is a testament to quality of their service." - Rudolf Kremers, Creative & Managing Director, Omni Systems Limited

BAFTA nominated, IGF nominated, 5 star rated Eufloria HD* is one of our very favorite tablet games and we were very pleased with the opportunity to port it to the BlackBerry Playbook platform.

In addition to the porting work, we also provided Omni with free bug fixes up to the first patch, submission of builds and assistance with App World store setup. We typically include these additional services for mobile platform ports so the new platforms are trouble/burden free for our clients.

Get Eufloria HD for Playbook at BlackBerry App World. Should you require support, please visit the official website or the official forums.

* The accolades keep coming. Eufloria HD is Apple's iPad Game of 2012 Runner Up/Hidden Gem.

Scitech Augmented Reality Exhibit

“Scitech’s Technology Design and Development team recently utilised the services of Titanium Studios to complete software in an interactive exhibition. Their skill, reliability and willingness to work directly with us in-house where necessary was very valuable. Scitech was able to deliver key aspects of its latest show to the general public on time thanks to the quality work provided by Titanium Studios.” - Michael Gosney, Multimedia & IT Manager, Scitech

On this fun project we provided development services to local science center Scitech for their Science Fiction, Science Future exhibit.

A unusual project for us involving AR tech, a hardware hacker's dream lab and a super creative team: we couldn't resist. We adapted existing AR technology to Scitech's 3D engine exhibit engine, built an XML data driven 2D and 3D content specification system, generated marker sets and documented the work. We also worked with the hardware team to ensure that the lighting and materials used in the build would give the most reliable tracking.

The exhibit went live in November 2012.