Daggorath Film Strip
Film strip frame courtesy of Hamed Saber

I don't know that I have seen the term "remastered" used for a video game before. Remastering film or music is the process of extracting details present in original source materials that were not present in original releases. Usually this is possible because of technical limitations present at the time of original mastering.

My goal is to reproduce the original Daggorath experience as exactly as possible, cleanly packaged it in a modern, user friendly app for multiple platforms. But duplicating the original experience is very challenging - even emulators capable of reproducing digital behavior perfectly fall short in their reproduction of analog elements such as display and audio systems. One would think that simple audio hardware would be easy to reproduce. However A:B comparisons between real and emulated hardware recordings are night and day apart. Reproducing the CRT TV display seems to be a lost cause. I am not able to find a single emulator capable of a reasonable match to real hardware video capture results. Never mind the fact that video capture already looks quite different to a CRT TV. So I'm going to try something a little different and not focus so much on futile attempts to match analog hardware details. I will instead focus on presenting the original source material in a way that feels right; in a way that does not invoke thoughts of "emulation just isn't the same".

That sounds close enough to remastering to me and I think I will release with the name "Dungeons of Daggorath Remastered".