“Working with Titanium was an absolute pleasure. Jayeson and his team were absolutely professional and the project surpassed our expectations. The end result was faster and cheaper and better then we had ever expected.” - Mike Arkin, Executive Producer, Crave Entertainment


Razor Freestyle Scooter is a mix of skateboard and BMX gameplay targeted at younger children. Built upon a top quality skateboard engine, the gameplay is surprisingly solid.

For this Dreamcast port from Playstation we replaced all texture content at a much higher resolution. A custom pipeline was built to process and manage these new assets. Dissatisfied with the how the original Playstation character models looked on Dreamcast, we created high resolution versions at no additional charge to our client.

“If there's a definite strength of Razor, it's the visuals. ... the game certainly looks a helluva lot better than its PS version. Very clean graphics and a super smooth 60 fps frame rate totally took me off guard and it's nice to see a translation of a game get the full Dreamcast facelift.” - ign dc review

Nintendo 64

This was one crazy, rewarding project. After shipping Razor on Dreamcast, Crave asked if we could have a Nintendo 64 version approved by Nintendo within 12 weeks. It took 3 weeks to get our first development hardware and 7 weeks after that we submitted to Nintendo. With 2 days to spare, Nintendo approved us on the first submission. It was sold in large numbers in an exclusive deal with Blockbuster.

The Nintendo 64 is an interesting hardware platform and we were glad to have the opportunity to work on it. One of the most rewarding challenges for us was figuring out how to fit a 350MB game onto an 8MB cartridge. Content work included poly-reducing the Dreamcast models, fixing numerous small issues in the environment models, and, converting the uncompressed CD music to MIDI with compressed-samples.

The final two screenshots are from Nintendo 64 and were contributed by GameFAQs reader Tropicon.