"I was very pleased at the opportunity to work with Titanium Studios on Defense Commander. The end product is stellar and to this day remains a show case example of how to develop for Dreamcast." - John Smith, Windows CE Group, Microsoft

Microsoft asked us if we could quickly create a sample project to showcase how Windows CE for Dreamcast made it easy to cross-develop for both Dreamcast and Windows PC. The mini-game Defense Commander was the result of that work.

Defense Commander accurately represented all of the components used by typical game titles: Direct3D based graphics; DirectSound audio; DirectInput game controller & mouse input; hierarchal AI system; a client-side-predicted, low bandwidth networking solution. In order to provide full detail content at low cost, procedural generation was used extensively for textures and the terrain. No platform specific code was required for either platform.

Microsoft kindly gave us permission to redistribute the Windows PC version and for a number of years Defense Commander was one of the top downloads on many "free Windows PC games" websites.

For a limited time, we are making it available free for download again. Please keep in mind that this game is approximately 10 years old and requires Windows XP or earlier to run.

Download: Defense Commander (6.3 MB)